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Elks and Angels is born of a powerful thought:
a baby's environment should be as natural safe and as comfortable as the one they just left.

the nature and spirit of elks and angels is based on simple and wholesome values: the highest quality of materials, inherent beauty and craftsmanship, the environment and the child's comfort.


a baby's world is a tactile one, where touch is a significant sense experienced on a baby's day-to-day life. for this reason, materials that contribute to the sensorial experience and child's health and safety are a top priority at elks and angels. we give preference to materials that are natural, gentle and a pleasure to touch, ensuring that your baby is cocooned in only the most pure and natural of materials. our products are manufactured to the superior standard you would expect from any premium brand.


Elks and Angels' first collection "love, nature, etc" is inspired by the wonders of pure australian sheepskin: a material that is inarguably the best sheepskin in the world. it is renowned for its powerful benefits that help calm and nurture babies. we have researched and found what we consider to be the softest and silkiest sheepskin available.

benefits of sheepskin

perfect all year round
this miracle fiber keeps baby warm and dry in harsh winters and cool in warmer months. it is perfect for every single season! it may seem strange to use sheepskin in summer but it really does not get hot and actually has a cooling effect.

mom will love that our sheepskin is made by nature and is far superior baby’s wellbeing than any synthetic fibers. sheepskin, unlike synthetics:

  • breathes,
  • never smells,
  • is flame retardant,
  • is resistant to static electricity
  • has excellent insulating properties.

to compare, man-made fibers such as polar fleece are carbon based fibers made from petrochemicals and are known for being

  • clammy,
  • smelly,
  • highly flammable,
  • static causing and are
  • poorly insulating

all of which sheepskin is not!

our snuggle pod provides a cozy, womblike cocoon around baby that will make her feel safe and secure, which means less crying, more sleeping (what a blessing!). in fact, research in medical journals suggests sheepskins help babies relax by having a soothing effect, resulting in better sleep and reduced stress.

sheepskin keeps a sheep warm in winter and cool in summer. the beauty is, it will do the same for your baby helping her maintain stable body temperature while responding to temperature changes. this is ideal as a newborn’s ability to regulate her own temperature (thermoregulation) is immature and does not tend to develop until the end of the first year of life.

this works by trapping baby’s own body heat in a microclimate around her and thus retaining the body’s own temperature rather than overheating. sheepskin is nature’s most efficient insulator and is the number one fiber for thermoregulation and no man-made fiber can equal this.

in hot weather the air pockets keep her cool by transferring heat and body moisture away for a naturally cooling effect.

dirt and bacteria resistant
we love that sheepskin is naturally anti-bacterial and has self cleaning powers due to its lanolin content. It resists dirt, bacteria and never holds odors and is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic.

super comfortable
lying on sheepskin is like lying on a cloud. Its soft, dense, ‘springy’ fibers help swaddle baby and help her to lie in supreme comfort.

earth friendly
sheepskin is gentle on the earth. made by nature, it’s better for future generations of children as it can go back into the mountains where it came from.

sheepskin becomes available to us as a by product of the meat industry, so we feel it is our job to use this beautiful product rather than see it end up in landfill.

our story

elks and angels is the brainchild of an Australian-born interior architect and designer, janet kennedy ault, who left the laid back country of australia to live in the dazzling and frosty city of New York. It is here, Elks and Angels was born.

australians have a long history with their use of sheepskin. for over a century the ‘aussies’ have known the benefits of this miracle fiber. ‘aussie moms’ have been using them as rugs for babies at sleep time, play time and tummy time.

janet like most other australian babies, had her very own sheepskin. her mom loved it and had many uses for it; it became a portable bed, the most luxurious play mat and a stroller liner when on the go which provided extra comfort. Her sheepskin became a familiar environment providing the calming security a child needs.

inspired by the meeting of an age old wisdom and the frosty winters in new york, with the necessary skills in design, janet began designing a sheepskin cocoon for babies that meets the flexibility and lifestyle of a busy parent.

the elks and angels’ philosophy is that the environment for babies should be as natural, safe and as comfortable as the one it just left. with this concept and with her own firsthand experience of the benefits of australian sheepskin, janet set about changing the way parents keep their babies warm in north america by introducing the equally fashion conscious and environmentally aware ‘snuggle pod’.

elks and angels will continue to design products, that enhance the lives of new parents and their children, a range that will be based on a child’s wellbeing and ethically and socially responsible methods.

© 2017 Elks and Angels
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