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Sheepskin boasts so many attributes listed below that make it absolutely an undisputed choice for babies. - Sheepskin is great all year round. It may seem weird to use a sheepskin in Summer, but it really does not get hot and actually has a cooling effect. When it is warm outside, sheepskin fibers absorb excess moisture, acting like an evaporative cooler, helping your baby’s skin stay cool and dry. A sheep’s coat is designed to keep him warm in freezing cold temperatures and cool in hot summers and it will do the same for a baby. When it is cold, these same fibers insulate, keeping baby cozy and snug. This is why it is such a great material to use in prams/ strollers, car seats or as a play mat throughout all the seasons - Sheepskin is the number one fiber for regulating a baby’s temperature as it maintains a stable body temperature. It performs this by breathing and insulating simultaneously. This is ideal for a newborn who cannot yet properly regulate its own temperature. (see below for more information on how this naturally occurs in sheepskin). - Research in medical journal (The Lancet) suggests sheepskins help babies relax by having a soothing effect resulting in better sleep and reduced stress. As sheepskins are portable, your baby will always feel safe and secure no matter where they are. - The gentle “springiness” of sheepskin helps swaddle the baby and helps baby lay comfortably whether taking a snooze, during tummy time or playtime. -Sheepskin is naturally anti-bacterial. This is due to the lanolin content (wool fat). As wool becomes moist, some of the lanolin converts to lanolin-soap, which helps keep the fabric hygienically clean and free of bacteria. Combining this with its self cleaning powers, makes you understand how people can wear the same wool shirt for 40 days sailing on a yacht and never smell....pretty much a miracle. Because sheepskin is naturally dirt resistant, it rarely needs washing – a quick wipe down is fine. - Sheepskin is a very safe material for your baby, it is naturally fire resistant. It is difficult to ignite, it has a low flame spread and it doesn’t melt. This combination helps create the optimum conditions for snuggling with Sheepskin.

The outer layer of Sheepskin fiber unlike our hair is an overlapping of tiny little scales, like fish or shingles on a roof. These scales help repel rain and spills making sheepskin quite water resistant. These scales also play a part in self cleaning as the scales rub against each other and push off dirt. These two outer layers have tiny little pores which allow moisture to pass through to the keratin core, which absorbs it. The fiber is hygroscopic which means it can easily absorb and release moisture. The effect is that any perspiration is quickly absorbed by the fibers and released having a cooling effect rather than becoming moist and smelly. Keeping baby dry and never wet. To maintain these qualities wool needs to be cared for. But with 99% of washing machines now having a wool / gentle cycle this is easy to care for. You can even use a drop of your own shampoo in the wash.

All our sheepskin is sourced from Australia and New Zealand which is known to be the best sheepskin in the world

Because of the two different types of fabrics (nylon and sheepskin) they will react differently in water therefore for heavy soiling, dry cleaning by a leather professional is recommended.

Hand wash the Cuddle Bear in warm water with gentle detergent (no enzymes) or a small amount of shampoo. Rinse in water and lie flat to dry away from direct sunlight.

For general cleaning it best to spot clean with a gentle wool approved detergent (no enzymes) and a little warm water. For heavy soiling, the sheepskin can be machine washed on a gentle cycle (40°/104°F) using wool approved shampoo (no enzymes). Once washed, shake the sheepskin vigorously, stretch to shape and hang to dry in the shade. Do not tumble dry, hang in sun or on a radiator). During the drying process, manipulate and re-stretch the sheepskin several times. It is also recommended that you give you sheepskin a good shake and comb from time to time to keep it fresh, soft and tangle-free. Weekly brushing can make a huge difference and keeps your skin at its softest and fluffiest.

Sheepskin is a natural organic product that has been used to keep us warm for centuries. It is long lasting, much more so than man-made fibres and it is also a by-product of the meat industry. Therefore while people continue to eat meat, this beautiful shearling will become available to us and rather than see it end up in landfill we prefer to use it. And of course, environmentally, the less waste the better.

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